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Sam does not express any unhappiness or distress until he discovers Lucifer's new goal of killing humans out of contempt. Dean has respect for Sam as a hunter and trusts Sam to "have his six". However, after Jack got trapped in Apocalypse World as well, Sam fell into a depression of his own, only lightened when a way was found to rescue Mary and Jack. Sam has the last monster kill on the series. It was just mostly terrible. Written by Kailey. SammyBitch, Walker, Rowena's protégé (by Dean)Kiddo (by Lucifer)Boy With The Demon BloodGiant (by Rowena)The Antichrist (by Gordon)Abomination (by Angels)Sam WessonKeithMoose, Samantha (by Crowley)Chief (by Hunters of Apocalypse World)Beyoncé, Barbarian (by Kipling)Sam CampbellMessenger of God's destruction (alongside Dean; by Billie) At the series' start, Sam was reluctant to start hunting again. Sam was left torn between using Lucifer to help battle the Darkness as Castiel wished and his own traumas and the resulting desire to be rid of the rogue archangel as a result. 2. He got it restored at some point off-screen as it is seen again in later seasons. Everything came to a head in All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1, when Azazel placed all of the special children in a death match. Recently in Season 8 of the series, Sam, who is known for always having a clean shaved face, has been sporting some facial stubble similar to Dean. We also learned that the "Supernatural" team does not have the budget of NBC's "This Is Us" (or the talent) to do age-advancing makeup and hair. With the growing threat of the Apocalypse World Michael, the return of Gabriel and the death of Asmodeus, Sam's focus shifted completely to saving his family and ending the threat of Michael and Lucifer once and for all. This leads Dean to momentarily believe Sam was still possessed by Lucifer. After the reveal of John's ultimatum to Dean and the discovery of the other "special children", Sam became terrified that he would somehow turn evil. Honestly, we were convinced through more than half of this scene that Dean was only putting Sam on to maybe get him to cry and get all mushy so he could rib him. Dean and Sam try to figure out where they stand in their relationship, trapped between brothers and lovers. But the final scene didn't end the narrative completely, as fans kept carrying on deep into the night with their thoughts about everything that went down, getting "Supernatural" trending high on Twitter. Getting sick, strangers getting too handsy with Sam, and Dad snowing in unexpectedly, leaving them with much to talk about. Sam defended his choices of quitting hunting and grew jealous of Dean's close relationship with Benny, which led to a growing strain between the brothers. Or maybe he never did walk away, but instead found a way to marry the two lives, as evidenced by his son's familiar tattoo. More than a dozen people have portrayed the surly hunters over the years, whether it's in flashbacks or because of an in-episode transformation. Even after Dean returned, Sam was unwilling to let the desire for vengeance go and he continued the affair in secret. He normally remembers details that Dean overlooks and is prone to make connections quicker than his brother. This can't be how Dean goes out. Dean managed to help Sam distinguish between the two, and Sam was able to block out the worst of the hallucinations. "Supernatural" gave it a valiant effort Thursday night after 15 seasons, but fans first reactions are not great. His soul spent a year and a half in Hell which is about 180 years. He also told a grief-stricken Dean that time works differently here and Sam would be along soon enough. After confronting his brother for sidelining him, Sam was able to help in the rescue of his family and stated he was happy to reach Apocalypse World. This can't be real, we thought. And it was nice to see how Jack and Castiel had revamped the afterlife to be more the ideal we'd all like to imagine it is. He is also more forgiving, as he accepts Mary's decision to take a break from her grown-up sons. Jared Padalecki was born in San Antonio, Texas, to Sherri (Kammer), a teacher of English, and Gerald Padalecki, a tax accountant. In the 200th episode, he is described as 'sweet, brave, selfless Sam'. Affiliation Supernatural bosses Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer have revealed whether Sam and Dean Winchester will get a happy ending in Supernatural's series finale. Was it so they could stand face to face in their final moment that they chose to have him go out standing, impaled on a wall? He also knows a great deal of information that causes Dean to label him a "walking encyclopedia of weirdness". Either way, we learned two things. So that's what happened. Samuel "Sam" William[1] Winchester (b. Email TooFab editors at tips@toofab.com. #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/UXlIfOqhUT, A summary of #Supernatural finale pic.twitter.com/mOdee9xx6V, #Supernatural finale in conclusion: pic.twitter.com/4KwYa9JIrC, rest easy. When struck by visions of the Cage and of his dead father, Sam becomes heavily determined to seek Lucifer out, against Dean's better judgment. During the time that Sam was soulless in Season 6, he lacked empathy and behaved like a sociopath. All seasons After Sam's quest to remove the Mark of Cain unleashed the Darkness upon the world, Sam was forced to confront the consequences of his actions. Dean's death is oddly not very epic. Over the course of the show, he grew the fringe out. He is often the exasperated voice of reason in his relationship with Dean, who in turn sees him as a geek or prude, and teasingly calls him "bitch," to which Sam usually responds with "jerk". Following the release of The Darkness, Sam is at a complete loss on what to do. When he met God, he was very excited to actually meet him even gaining a semblance of hope after latter came back to fight the Darkness. His good opinion continued after it was revealed Jack was partially responsible for bringing Cass back, which ended Dean's depression. In some ways, as a result, Sam could be considered a Student witch who was taught magic by Rowena, though he never fully embraces witchcraft. #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/mFdBC22kFT, the ending we wanted what we got #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/4UZ21UuE8L, Me writing a 10 page essay on why this ending is the worst ending I've ever seen. Sam lived a long life and he, too, was told it was okay in the end to die. Supernatural Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Many of the characters Sam is romantically or sexually connected to end up either dying, being revealed as a supernatural being, or both; exceptions include (to the best of our knowledge). 1. Sam's other lovers who did not die include Sparrow Jennings, Lana, Becky Rosen and Piper. The most enduring element, however, and the one that certainly draws this crazy, beautiful, dysfunctional fandom together, has to be the epic love story of … After eventually reuniting with their father and coming into possession of the Colt, they prepare to strike back against Azazel, a powerful demon with yellow eyes. And Sam was never going to leave his side. After Dean's reappearance, Sam immediately returned to his side, but Dean was hurt when he found out that Sam hadn't looked for him while he was in Purgatory. But they made up just in time for Sam to see his brother die in his arms, and Sam's grief at Dean's death propelled him to try and make another demon deal. This is the end, my friend. For Sam, the situation worsened when Lucifer manipulated the situation to escape in the vessel of Castiel. Dean became determined to save his brother's life in The Born-Again Identity and, luckily, came across Castiel. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have played the iconic Dean and Sam Winchester in Supernatural since 2005, but during 15 years of television, a few other actors have gotten also crack at the roles. We did like that Dean needed Sam to tell him it was going to be okay before he finally passed. Sam also has a phobia of clowns, due to his brother often leaving him at Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie when they were children. congrats, baby. Thus, whenever their father John went out hunting, Dean would watch over Sam. He told Dean they couldn't have a brotherly trust anymore and their relationship remained tense until the end of the season, closer to a partnership than a brotherhood. Sam is the only character to appear in every episode of the series, after Dean's absence in Stranger in a Strange Land. To his horror, he was forced to watch helplessly as hellhounds tore Dean apart and was distraught at holding his dead brother's body. Wow did Sam look terrible in every incarnation of his life, from middle-aged mad scientist with a bad wig to shiny old-age prosthetics on his death bed. After Lucifer was badly injured by the Apocalypse World Michael in Exodus, Sam took the chance to betray and strand Lucifer in Apocalypse World once more asking the shocked archangel "how did you think this was going to end?" After Zachariah manipulated a fake voicemail message from Dean, saying that he didn't love Sam anymore and was planning on killing him, Sam decided to take Lilith down on his own in a possible suicide mission. Of the beings that have possessed Sam, three have died in season finales. Kailey is an editor and writer for Nerds and Beyond, who joined the team in 2018. After 327 total episodes across more than 15 years, we've seen Sam and Dean take on apocalyptic-level threats and monsters so dangerous they were capable of splitting the world and wiping out all of humanity. Species Once Cass warns him of an impending threat, Sam is worried and decides to focus himself on saving his mother and Jack. Once by the archangel Lucifer and the second time by Gadreel. Sam and Dean Winchester go out fighting an interesting breed of monsters, connected to their dad, John Winchester, on their 'final ride' but also stop for some pie The pair also shares a bloodline with Cain and Abel. The episode was written by showrunner Andrew Dabb and directed by co-showrunner Robert Singer. Deceased (from natural causes)Soul exists in Heaven Portrayed by During a conversation with Charlie Bradbury in Season 10's Book of the Damned, Sam indicates that his behavior came from his anger at Dean and a desire to lash out and hurt him rather than an actual desire to sever their brotherly bond. However, it is later revealed that, whilst his body and mind are not in the Cage, his soul is. Sam kept struggling to come up with some way to save his brother to the very end, but ultimately wasn't able to. He started to see hallucinations of Lucifer tormenting him, and had a hard time determining what was real and what was a flashback of his torture in the Cage. the Yellow-Eyed Demon's plans for Sam are still unknown. However, in Repo Man, Dean was captured by a serial killer and Sam became desperate enough to save his brother's life that he turned to Lucifer for help. The epis… After Jessica's death, Sam became fixated on vengeance but still held out hope for eventually returning to Stanford. His eye color seems to change; sometimes they appear light green, sometimes they appear brown, etc. After 327 total episodes across more than 15 years, we've seen Sam and Dean take on apocalyptic-level threats and monsters so dangerous they were capable of … After the demon Azazel killed their mother, Mary, both Sam and Dean were raised in the hunting life by their father John. He also took responsibility in his part of starting the apocalypse. It was thought that Sam would be trapped in the Cage forever, but the final show of season 5 reveals that Sam is not in the Cage at all, but on Earth, alive. After Dean's final death, Sam goes on to live a long life, have a family and eventually die of old age. Free of any of the constraints of demons and angels or even any of its supporting cast members beyond Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, this was once again just the story of two brothers traveling the country looking for "evil sons of bitches" to kill. The show follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel across America in a black 1967 Chevy Impala investigating and combating paranormal events and other unexplained occurrences, many of them based on American urban legends and folklore, as well as classic supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves and ghosts. Here's how their ending plays out. Sam's music preference seems to veer towards '80s hair metal, given that he is a fan of Bon Jovi and, During the Winchesters' conflicts with various angels, Sam has only. Of course they would feel that Dean needed to die so that Sam could finally move on and have that normal life he'd always dreamed of, and Dean always wanted for him. (...) Maybe I'll feel better in the morning. After being killed by vampires in Apocalypse World, Sam was resurrected once more by Lucifer and reluctantly forged an alliance with his old enemy in light of the situation. Sam wrestles with the intruder, only to discover that it is his older brother, Dean. First, we get a taste of what life is like for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) now that they're "free" and Chuck (Rob Benedict) is no longer all-powerful. His first resurrection seems to have been the catalyst for Sam's increasingly cold nature and it has been insinuated by Azazel that when he was resurrected, he did not come back "100% pure Sam". The situation was further exasperated when Lucifer conceived a Nephilim child before his apparent defeat and return to the Cage. In college, Sam scored a 174 out of 180 on his LSAT, which Jessica Moore noted was "scary good" in the series pilot. With the British Men of Letters threat growing, Sam was forced into a leadership role to end the threat, but suffered losses while battling Lucifer for control of his child. Following the reconciliation of the Darkness and God, Sam was abducted by agents of the British Men of Letters and tortured. While Dean drove through the beautiful scenery of Vancouver one last time, we got to see Sam's life. How did Dean die? Almost all of the beings that possessed Sam later ended up allied with him. Although the scar has healed by now, Sam still presses upon his left palm whenever things get too difficult to believe. It was just a detour and not a life-changing experience? In other words, these brothers are total badasses. Comments In a tussle with an overgrown clown-masked monster, Dean was impaled on a spike of some kind sticking out of a wall.

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